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What is MS office

Office is known software establish by MS Company. Gates Billi first announced development of MS office on 1st August 1988 which was revolutionary invention for computer uses. MS Office comtaines more then 20 application for personal and business use. there are license for limited use and for business purpose as well.MS office from inception had launched in different version such as office 2000, office 2003, office 2010, office 2016 and latest if office 2019. The online version if office 365.

Go as you Need

Get Office Setup Application as per your need, Customize to add Word, Excel, Power Point etc

Use where ever you Go

Office 365 + Internet + Computer = Your Work done, add OneDrive to store

Cloud Agnostic

Save your work in cloud to make it revocable

Get started with

Office Setup Download

Download office setup and enter product key on and get support

Install Office

Install Office Setup with product key by signing to and entering 25 character key in box.

Activate Office

Activate Office setup after installation on your computer with startup apps, if windows then hit start or mac hit gear button

Reinstall Office

Get your office setup copy with same enter your product key 25 character used to activate and install from, support is here

Repair Office

Getting error in office apps or software, get repaired with office setup support experts

Resolve Office installation error

Alert to activate office apps, permission not found to use it, resolve office setup installation due to memory file not found

Steps to get office setup

Getting office is simple

Go to the < a href="">

sign in to your account

Enter your 25 character office setup product key

Click to redeem and download your office version


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